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You helped make history last night.

Last night, Democrats flipped 5 GOP State Senate seats, picked up 14 seats in the State House, and picked up 3 Congressional seats. We also sent four women to state’s delegation for the first time.

And that’s all thanks to you.

Together, over 30,000 of our supporters stepped up and donated to our campaign -- and we raised over $800,000 online in 2018 from over 43,000 individual contributions from every county in Pennsylvania.

Supporters like you fueled our campaign. Your enthusiasm, dedication, energy, and commitment to our campaign was astounding.

This campaign was about more than just re-electing me. It was about the people of Pennsylvania, taking action to fight for what’s right. To fight for our schools, our health care, our basic human rights and for our democracy.

Our best days are ahead of us. I’m so excited to keep moving Pennsylvania on a path forward -- to fight for a severance tax, a higher minimum wage, protections against discrimination, and so much more.

But just like I didn't win re-election alone, this work won’t get done alone. I’ll need your continued support to get this work done.

So stay involved. Keep volunteering, keep talking to your friends and family members about the issues you care about the most. I’m counting on you to stay engaged.

Because democracy requires healthy debates. It requires hard work from Pennsylvanians, committed to doing what’s right to improve our schools, our neighborhoods, and our commonwealth.

We’ve got some work ahead of us. But know I’ll be right there beside you, as your governor, fighting to change Harrisburg and to make Pennsylvania an even better place to live.

Thank you,


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